Dungeon Furniture

2mtr Cage

8' Crusifix.

Bird Cage. Suspendable

Bird Cage

Bondage Chair Throne 2.

Bondage Chair Throne

Cage on wheels, does have removable padded tops

Cage with Removable Padding


Chain Pentagram 2.

Chain Pentagram 3

Chain Pentagram

Coffin Cage 2.

Coffin Cage Suspendable

Collapsable Cage


Double sized Throne (2)

Double sized Throne

Fixed Horse

Folding Horse 2

Folding Horse

Skeleton Horse 2

Skeleton Horse

Head Cage

Horse with Cock Restraint

Horse with Cock Restraint

Human Spit (2)

Human Spit (3)

Human Spit

Light Weight Horse

metal and wooden cage with covers on

Metal and wooden cage, covers removed

Metal Body Belt

Metal Collar

Padded St Andrews Cross


Pair of St Andrews Crosses


Rocking Horse 2

Rocking Horse

Small Cage

Small Stool

spider web (1)

Spider Web

St Andrews Cross Chequred plated

Tall Horse.

Vinyl covered St Andrews Cross

Wooden Cage (2)

Wooden Cage

Wooden Paddle

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